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How to use 3PL Storage and Fulfilment: A Guide

How to use 3PL Storage and Fulfilment: A Guide

When it comes to expanding your business internationally, 3PL (third-party logistics) is the best way of managing your stock in terms of storage and fulfilling orders seamlessly and efficiently. But how do 3PL services work, and how can you optimise the way you use them?

Why should you use a 3PL?

A 3PL storage and fulfilment facility is there to support the expansion of your business across the UK and the EU. Whether you’re rolling out to a completely new market or launching new products, the right 3PL partner can ensure the safe storage and efficient delivery of your products across the marketplace.

Some of the core benefits of working with a high-quality industry 3PL include:

  • Support and Efficiency

When your business starts to expand and grow, particularly on an international scale, receiving support with regard to localisation and efficiency can enable you to continue to deliver the same level of service at a much greater scale. 

  • Scalability of Business

Amazon is able to ship quickly and cheaply because it has distribution and storage facilities located all over the world. When you engage the services of a third-party fulfilment centre you put your business in the best possible place to scale accordingly – reaching new markets without impacting the customer experience.

  • Flexibility

From B2B sales to marketplace sales and B2C outreach, when your business uses 3PL logistics services, you can serve a broad cross-section of customers.

  • Better Customer Service

A proper storage and fulfilment solution enables you to keep up with rising demand – leaving you free to deal with a continued level of customer service for buyers.

  • Inventory Management

3PL centres are able to employ technology to track and keep on top of demand; something which can help influence the marketing activity of both undersold products and prime products and ensure that you never run out of popular stock.

How we can help you to optimise your use of 3PL facilities

Our two facilities are primed to support international expansion in both the UK and the EU. The first facility is located a short drive from Southampton port covers a large 75,000 square footage. Fully equipped for e-commerce fulfilment across all industries, the 3PL centre not only stores and holds products but also conducts full labelling services for the local audience, handles returns, and offers quality testing and standardised checks to ensure the quality of every product.

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