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Amazon Account Health Check

Amazon Account Health Check


As an Amazon seller, you will often ask yourself the question ‘am I doing everything I can to excel and maximize sales?’ If you began your journey on and then expanded into Europe, this will be especially prevalent.

Amazon Europe can often seem daunting to non-native sellers with its 8 different regions each with their own language, unique sales trends and behaviours as well as varying levels of traffic passing through each marketplace. A second perspective from an e-commerce expert can often be what’s needed to make sense of all this, helping to cover any oversights you may have made in the many steps along the way to achieving compliant and optimized listings in a different continent.

This is precisely the purpose of the Amazon Account Health Check, which involves a full analysis of your Amazon EU stores where we assess a myriad of factors and performance metrics, helping to identify areas of strength and weakness across your Amazon . Conducted by our Account Management team, this extensive report will highlight any issues we’ve found, and the action points needed to resolve them; the overall status and sales performance of your seller account as well as the steps that could be taken to boost sales velocity.

The report will cover the following areas primarily:

  • Stock and Fulfilment
  • UK Sales Performance
  • EU Sales Performance
  • Top Performing Products
  • Advertising
  • Listing Quality
  • Recommendations –the action points and suggestions to resolving the issues identified.

We recognize that every seller is unique, mainly in the products they sell, and their overall business aims and needs. To try and cater to this, the content covered in the health check will be personalised and specified to the individual, and if they require more information on a certain aspect of selling on Amazon, whatever this may be, then this can be incorporated into their health check in addition to anything that may provide insight into optimizing their store and excelling on Amazon.

Why Assess Account Health?

Even the least experienced sellers can tell you that Amazon is rather – particular – about the customer buyer experience, and it can often feel as though this is really all that matters. In the effort of maximising customer satisfaction, from entering the site initially right through to purchase, sellers are subject to a host of rules, regulations, and performance targets they must reach to be deemed compliant with Amazon’s policies.

E-commerce presence can often represent just one aspect of running a brand. Constantly monitoring Amazon account health and the many metrics contained within it often proves too labour-intensive and time consuming to those trying to also juggle the countless other aspects of running a business.

We have found that the Amazon Account Health Check can be immensely helpful to the one-man-band outfits, or really any business individuals that simply do not have the time to first identify the problem then look at how best to resolve it. Quite often it is clear that there is an issue, for instance the listing may have been closed or been suppressed, but identifying the cause of the problem

More often than not though the health check can raise awareness of new issues that may have recently developed or slipped under the radar. Those who are less Amazon-savvy may be doing things unknowingly that are detrimental to their performance over time; this could be related to fulfilment, the listings themselves or anything, and identifying what this looks like can optimize things at the present moment but also act a preventative measure. Sellers will be sent the completed report so they can refer back to the health check as much as is necessary, ensuring they are not repeating their previous mistakes and that any future activity from that point is done in the best possible way.

How Do I Sign Up?

Starting the account health check is as simple as getting in contact with one of our Account Managers and booking a short set up call. This is firstly to establish some contact and get a general idea of your account status, such as what products you sell, how many active listings and what regions – but also to gain the necessary access to your Seller Central to conduct the health check. Please book the appointment using this link:

We work closely with Amazon and being one of their trusted service providers on the SPN network, we gain access via global permissions. Instead of just inviting a personal account from one of the team to access your S.C, Global User Permissions is allowing GEE access as a business under our SPN account. This helps to protect your data and account security, whilst also protecting our relationship with Amazon and how we offer services. Our account managers can walk you through the process and gain the necessary access in just 15 minutes of your time.

If you have any concerns surrounding confidentiality, then please take comfort in that we can have a signed NDA sent to you at no extra cost or trouble. Please just mention this via email or on the call and we will have this arranged for you.

What Happens Once Access is Granted?

Once we have all necessary permissions, we will begin the health check. This typically takes 10 working days to complete, and once the team completed their final reviews, we will contact you to arrange a presentation of the health check. The report is completed in PowerPoint format, and we will talk you through our findings slide-by-slide, highlighting any issues found as well as the recommendations to resolve them and further optimize your account. This will usually take 40-60 minutes including the time to answer any questions you may have regarding the health check, or any of the services we offer.

Following the call we will send a final email with any information or action points off the back of the call as well as the PowerPoint attached, so you can always keep it and refer back to it as many times as desired.

What are the Real Benefits?

The Amazon Account Health Check has helped many e-commerce sellers become aware and address the issues that previously plagued their Amazon account, allowing them to achieve a performance that is truly representative of their selling potential. We have helped sellers with a wide range of issues, from EU compliance to fulfilment, to VAT registration and anything in between, we can point them in the right direction and lay out the steps needed to get back up and running and return things to normal working order. Being a one-stop-shop solution to EU expansion, the solution often lies within GEE and the many services we offer.

Admittedly, not every seller will approach us with such serious issues, sometimes none at all. Having a free account health check can also just act as a performance overview to outline the things you have done right, and what aspects may need more work. It can also be a place to gain more information about a certain aspect of e-commerce selling – discussing with an expert will always triumph over reading an article.

Quite often the check is also an introduction to the concept of E-commerce Account Management as a service, as those less experienced with e-commerce selling will often assume in naivety that every aspect of running a brand on Amazon is down to the owner or representatives. This is simply not the case, and once sales reach a high enough velocity it may become too labour-intensive to maintain alongside any other business ventures that are happening in parallel. Having an e-commerce expert oversee the day-to-day operations, co-ordinate stock replenishments and constantly optimize your listings amongst other things can be immensely helpful to the fast-moving Amazon stores, especially those experiencing sudden growth. More details of this service can gladly be provided upon request.

In summary, if you are an Amazon seller operating in anywhere in the UK and/or Europe, then a free account health check can only be of benefit to your business, no matter the overall status your store is in. Please get in touch and book yours in today:

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