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GEE Amazon Launch Programme

Be fully Amazon ready, the second your stock lands...

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When a product first goes live on Amazon, Amazon gives the listing an artificial algorithm boost so that the system can get a feel for how popular the product could be and it will then rank the listing accordingly.  Many sellers don’t know this and therefore list weak listings that slowly drop down the search rank after a week or so being live.

Here at GEE we off a full Amazon Launch Programme where we will take all of the stress and strain out of creating your listings in Europe and we will ensure that your listings are 100% optimised before they go live, meaning that all of your listings take full advantage of the algorithm boost and will gain a huge head start on other listings.

Below is summary of the process that we go through to make this happen:

Initial kick off call – This is where we discuss all of your requirements, we talk in detail about the brand and we will discuss some general timelines and timescales – the process usually takes between 1-2 months.

Brand immersion – We spend a few days immersing ourselves into your brand so that we can fully understand the back story and heritage of the brand, this helps us to write and create content accurately with your brand at the forefront of our creation.

Full keyword research – We use our suite of 3rd party tools to analyse highly converting keywords and longtail keywords, we then track and monitor them over the course of a week to make sure that they rank highly, we then have a selection of proven, high performing keywords that we can use to fully optimise your listing, backend keywords and ad campaigns.

Competitor analysis – The key to a super successful Amazon launch is to know what others are doing in your category to succeed, we also look at market share, who are the market leaders, why are they successful, what can we do differently and ultimately how we can win significant market share quickly.

Image brief – Using market research we make suggestions on images

Fully optimised title creations – using keyword research, competitor analysis and brand immersion, we’ll create high converting, fully optimised, professional looking titles that are fully Amazon compliant.

Fully optimised Bullet Point creation – using keyword research, competitor analysis and brand immersion, we’ll create high converting, fully optimised, professional looking bullet points that are fully Amazon compliant and loaded with key features.

A+ content brief and build – We will create a brief of banners and images that will create strong A+ (EBC) and we will build it all for you as well.

Physical listing build – Once everything is ready, we will upload all of the relevant information into Seller Central to physically build the listings, this will include variation creation as well.

Brand store creation – We build your brand store, if you haven’t already got one, this will include brief of all required banners and content and the physical build of the store

Ad campaign build – Using the research done at the start of the process, we will be able to build high performing ad campaigns that sit in line with your strategy and will be ready to switch on as soon as you go live.

Review collection campaign – Depending on your back story will depend on how we approach this task, if you have successful listings in the US, we can build the listing so that those reviews show up on your EU listing, if not we will build you a review collection strategy so that you can get reviews quickly.

Initial sales strategy – One of the most important parts of a successful EU Amazon campaign is to have a clear strategy built with realistic objectives to measure the success of your campaign. We will build this first phase for you so that once your stock lands, you have fully functional, highly optimised listings with a growth strategy documented and ready to go.

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