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Amazon Sellers! Long-term storage fees are approaching…

Amazon FBA Centre

Amazon Sellers! Long-term storage fees are approaching…

Amazon Fulfilment Did you know on the 15th February and 15th August of each year, Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) conducts an inventory clean-up?


Amazon FBA Long-Term-Storage Fees


If your inventory has been in an Amazon fulfilment centre or centres between 6 and 12 months it will be assessed a long-term storage fee! Those fees are approximately £440 per cubic metre for items stored for 6-months, and items that have been stored for more than 12 months will be assessed a long-term storage fee of £882.50 per cubic metre.


We are aware that Amazon is running out of space in their fulfilment centres, that’s why they are forever building new warehouses and are exploring options such as Seller Fulfilled Prime which saves space in their own fulfilment centres.


How can I avoid Long-Term-Storage Fees?


Here are Global E-commerce Experts (GEE) we offer an alternative so you do not have to worry about FBA Long-Term Storage Fees!


There is a one-time set-up fee of £55.00 to store your products with us in our warehouses, and simply put we charge £0.62 a day for pallet storage up to 1 cubic metre.  That is just £1.54 a week or £6.67 a month for a single pallet.  No long-term storage fees at GEE!  We also have other storage options if you do not have a pallet or pallets of products to store.  We have medium shelves (0.084 m3 ) for £0.22 a day and large shelves (0.126 m3) for £0.30 a day.


For many of our clients, we continue to store their products well after their products have been removed from Amazon.  For a small fee we trickle our clients’ inventory to Amazon as required when their stock is getting low for FBA.  This eliminates the need to worry about incurring Long-Term Storage Fees.


Some clients even go as far as using our own fulfilment centre to supplement their fulfilment for other platforms in the UK and EU such as cDiscount, Shopify, eBay and many others.


For all our pricing options or a bespoke proposal, reach out to us on or call us in the USA on ++1 (646) 500-8643 or in the UK on +44 (0) 2039 151 930.



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