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Amazon UK and EU Account Health Check

Are you doing everything you can to excel on Amazon within the European Marketplaces? Whether you’re a native to the UK or not, sometimes a second expert perspective on your Amazon account can be exactly what you need to give you another view on what you might be overlooking.

This is where our e-commerce account management experts can perform what we call an Amazon ‘Account Health Check’.

What this entails is a full analysis of your Amazon account including all EU marketplace stores, providing an extensive report of their findings to let you know the issues we’ve found, actions to complete, and steps that could be taken to help increase your sales volume.

This report covers things including but not limited to:

  • Listing Optimisation via keywords and imagery
  • Inventory overview including shipments
  • Pricing and Competition
  • Sales velocity
  • Feedback/Reviews and Messages
  • Advertising and campaigns
  • Business and advertisement reporting
  • Promotions/Vouchers and Deals
  • Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and Storefront
  • Account Health

Amazon Account Check Report

The outcome that clients will get is actions to improve their account, the result of these actions typically consisting of things such as:

  • Better advertising costs
  • Increased Sales Velocity and higher product ranking within Amazon
  • Optimised listings with hero and lifestyle images and relevant high CTR keywords
  • Higher performing Amazon European Marketplaces

This report can help identify to the client what problems we have found and point them in the right direction to either fix them themselves or use a follow-on service that is intended to help rectify the issues dependent on the issues.

The service is simple and works with firstly the client giving us viewership privileges on their whole Amazon account via the user permissions tab under settings.

We give you a delivery date for the report (typically a week or so after the request is agreed). An in-depth analysis of the account is done which typically takes 3-4 hours and a full report is created on the back of our findings and notes during the health check.

The price for this service is £300+ VAT or free every 6 months for VAT + 3PL customers (please ask your point of contact) and typically has a turnaround time of about 1 week.