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Assessing your European Amazon Account’s Health…

Assessing your European Amazon Account’s Health…

That’s what we’re here to talk about today. How well is your company selling and do you need a little bit of guidance on that? I’m going to give you some ideas on what you need to do to really go and look at.

But what we recognised was that those people that have lower sales, understanding how to check that is really, important. So that’s what we’re going to do here. Are you making money? Yes or no? What’s an account health check? How can you say where you are?

So, let’s start right with the basics. The Amazon EU markets, because before we need to understand how you’re performing. We need to understand the market. So the key thing here to say is that every category is slightly different. The EU market is 80 percent of the US market. So in theory, based on that, you should be able to do 80 percent of what your U.S. sales are. Now, that’s what we’re aiming for. The reality is, is that actually that’s really quite hard to get to in a short period of time.

Now, with the EU market that’s 28 languages that you’re competing with. Now, actually this 512 million people in the EU as opposed to in the US, something like 365 million or something along those lines. So the number of people in the marketplace is bigger, than the number of languages spoken is significantly higher. And that represents several issues and basically makes it more difficult for you to be able to get your message across in the right language. But that’s why these five different marketplaces as we stand today.

Now, how does that break down with the individual countries? So five marketplaces. I know we’ve talked about Netherlands, but let’s not worry about Netherlands for now. Let’s talk about U.K., Germany, France, Italy and Spain. And they are pretty much in that order. The UK and Germany account for two thirds of all sales across the marketplace. OK. So now depends on what you sell. Will it be [voice distorted] or depend on whether Germany or the U.K. is bigger? Right. So typically the U.K. will be bigger. Germany be 80 percent. We might find is that Germany’s biggest, and U.K is 80 percent like it doesn’t matter what my brand is. But essentially the UK, and Germany make up two thirds of the market share of the European marketplace. All right.

So if you’re going to be prime in two locations, we would suggest going to the U.K and Germany. So our recommendation now is that you don’t just recommend V.A.T in Germany and U.K., you register in the UK and Germany. So you get prime in both of those. All right. If one of our guys hasn’t been in touch with you about it, you’re interested in that. Reach out to us. We’ve got a great offer on that amount. But that’s a side deal.

So, UK and Germany are two marketplaces. They take up two thirds. That’s where you want to do. Take over two thirds of the marketplace. All in one, go and get prime. So that’s really what we want. France, Italy and Spain. France is much bigger than Italy and Spain. But again, that depends on the products and what you’re selling.

So what is account health? Well, the first thing is are you making money or not. But as far as on that, that’s as simple as that. Are making money. Are all you anywhere near 50 percent of what you are in US. If the answer is no, you have work to do. If you’re nowhere near 80 percent, you have work to do. All right. But some of that has taken over time. So actually, what we want to be out to do is, is look at in junk’s.

Now, the next thing is, why are you not? What is the difference between what you’re currently doing in US and what you currently doing in the UK? What is specific about the EU? So what you’re not doing? OK. Well, the key metrics you need to consider. I’m not going to go on today to be in this for hours talking about some of these things. I’m going to be rolling through these, as excuse me, as quickly as I possibly can. So you’re probably going to need a paper and pen. You’re pretty good to me to write these down and I’ll give you as much information as I possibly can.

They want to measure you on your metrics. They want to make sure things fulfilling on whatever happens to be OK. I get that. It’s important. Well, we want to know. Is how do you increase sales. Like that’s what you want to know is? I’m currently selling this. I want to sell this. Okay. So that’s really what we want to do.

And it comes down to a few different areas. There are more than this, but these are the key areas. Listings. Is the listing relevant? Are the key words relevant, are the photos relevant to the right market? There is no point in having a product. It looking like the photo of based in the States or in China or wherever else they may be. You need a European just like what I have got here. You know, I’m in London, actually. You’re not sure because I already told you that there’s a banner in the background. Yeah, but you see where I’m coming from. You need to make it relevant to your market.

Translations. You need to translate your product, that comes to listening your keywords. You need to do that. And you probably need prime in the key locations. And the last thing is what you’ve done to gain sales velocity. Have you done any promotions? Have you done anything on Amazon? Off Amazon? Really, really key things to understand.

Okay. Simple facts. How much time have you put into it? So I bet when you started in the US, you put loads of time and effort into it. Have you done the same in Europe? Are your listings translated. Yes or no? Are your key words translated? Yes or no? Are your images relevant to the marketplace? Yes or no? Are the listings in every country? Yes or no?

Yeah. So if you’ve got in the bottom hand, bottom corner of center in States. How many listings, you’ve got in each marketplace. Now, if you’ve got 50 listings, it should say 50 in U.K, 50 Germany, 50 France, Italy, Spain. Well, you might find he’s actually got 50 in UK. We’ve only got 10 other marketplaces. Well, straight away, there’s an opportunity there. You know what is it that you need to do in order to do that.

You know, trademarks well, trademarks like, you know, if you have a trademark for your product. Let’s get our listings, because if you’ve got it listed, you can turn enhance brand content. The amount of clients that come through us to  account health check, for example, and say and can you look our account and check it all over for us and tell us what we need to do to improve. The amount of clients that come through. They have a trademark. Have not done their enhanced brand content. They have not done their storefronts. Like these are really simple, straightforward things that I do appreciate this time and effort involved in doing those. But these are the small differences that make a big difference.

All right. Let me talk about. So in the U.K., we talk a lot about marginal gains. How do we take our product from here and do this? Well, the chunk. The reality is, it’s not going to be a have one silver bullet that’s going to go take it from, listening making no money to someone who is amazing. OK. You’re looking at marginal gains. How do you tweak this little bit? And this little bit, and this little bit. Why does it that builds up your listing. And then what you end up with is a much better listing overall. There’s not one silver bullet. There are lots of different things that are layered up to give you those marginal gains. All right. And that’s what we’re looking to do.

The other thing is, if you’ve got on the early reviewer program, there’s the early reviewer program. It’s a button. You go in and press it. Yes. Some of the icons have had zero success with it. Yeah. One client has had some amazing success with it. It just depends on your product. If you have a unique product on the early reviewer program, if you don’t have a unique product, you’re selling on an iPhone cases. It’s just an iPhone case. You’re probably not going to work on the only reviewer program, but you can enable it. It doesn’t cost you anything to enable it. So enable it. All right. So all of these little things are things you can do just to help write to your listings.

[00:11:18] All right. So here’s what you need to check. You need to take a look at the sales in every single country. Now what you can do is in seller central, you appreciate changes on a regular basis. You need to change your user permissions every now and then go through and rethink everything and make sure of things. Okay. What you can get is a lovely little banner at the top. In that banner. It will tell you exactly what you sold in last 7 days, 30 days, 14 days, whatever in each marketplace. You need to understand that every single day how much you’ve sold in those marketplaces. Because when you get there, you can put a report. Now, of course you can. Yes. You need to measure it. If you measure it, you’ll keep focused on it. If you then move to see where you want to target to be, you’re then going to be out to develop that further as you go. All right. So the first thing is you need to get a sales summary of everything you’ve sold in each country, because then you’re going to understand which is your biggest market place, which is the one that makes you the most money. Where can you make those small differences? And you can measure that. So if you’ve got one listing this, your top listing, get that translated, get the top listing translated in all of the marketplaces. Yeah. You know one listing gets translated in 60 pounds. Okay. Straightforward. A simple and easy. It’s actually more cost effective to do 10 in one go. All right. But you might want to do one to test it. See, one listing tested. Measure. Measure, measure. Test, measure. Test, measure. Do you see what difference that makes? Okay. So basically look at the sales summary and measure that as you go through. You’re gonna be out to see where you’re selling these products.

Now, I have put in here these sort of terms. Have you got any returns in each country? Now, you need to know this for two reasons. One, are you getting more returns in one country than another. So, for example, if you are sending products to these countries and you don’t have translated, use a manual. Are you gain more returns in one country because they don’t know how to use it. Yeah, this is a very simple thing to fix, but you need to measure your returns. You need to see ways.

The second reason for doing that is to understand where you need. So what you need to do is understand where your goods are, because if you have products in another country, you have liability for V.A.T. All right. Now. Some of you might already be registered in the UK and use the European fulfillment network to ship your products to other countries. Now it’s absolutely great. The downside to that network is that when you have a return, it goes back to the warehouse in Germany or France. As soon as you do that, you need to remove it and bring it back to the UK because if you’ve don’t, you have a legal obligations to V.A.T that country. All right. So absolutely crucial. That’s why I mentioned it.

Okay, the next thing business reports. You need to download your business, report, and look at it in detail. You need to do it by parent traffic report to start off with. You take the parent traffic report and you’re looking at the number of sessions. Okay. Close all of your skewes and the number of uni sessions, the amount of things the paper purchased. So you’re going to see a high number in certain areas. And what you’re looking for is that those numbers match. When it comes through to purchases.[Voice distorted].

So what you’re looking to understand is what products are gaining traction and getting throughput on which listings of lame people to buy the product. All right. Because you can change the listing on the product. So, you know, if this one is and you got lots of people coming to one listing, but they’re not buying it. What do you need to change to enable that? Okay. So you need to have a look at that. So that’s a really great way of using the business report to change that. It tells you about the buyers box. What is your percentage of buyer box. If you’re not willing to [], you’re not selling a product. Like you know that. I know that it’s the same in the US. Same in any marketplace. You need to be willing to buy box in order to sell the product.

What notifications have you got? Amazon will give you notification. They’ll tell you when you were running low on stock. They’ll tell you if you haven’t got a listing activated. There are lots of things that they tell you that you need to make sure that your captivating is all right.

Now, the next thing is sales velocity. SALES velocity. What you’ve done to gain traction in the marketplace. If you’ve done nothing and you’ve just launched your products and gone with it, they’re not going to sell. The chances are they’re not. All right.
You need to have some form of marketing, some sort of promotion in order to make that happen. So they are pretty much the key things you need to start off with. And what you need to check.

There are lots of, I could give you 300 different strategies to go and do this. But really, these are the basic ones. Look at the sales summary. Look where are you selling the products. Look at what’s marketplaces are working well. Look at the business reports. See which skews are selling well, see which ones aren’t. Their own gauged understanding of what they are selling or why they are selling so they don’t to what you’re currently doing. Because then you can change translations. You can change the key words. You can look at the research on what other people to check the keywords stem as well. There’s lots of things you can do in order to make these things happen. So there are some other things you can do.

Now the ultimate blueprint to success. Hopefully some of you have already seen this. I’m hoping you have, because we have done a lot about this. But here is the blueprint to success. This is our sixth step guide. This is what people are using now in order to help them become the EU’s next biggest seller. All right. These are the very basic six steps you need to go through. Okay, so it’s six steps to success. It’s a basic framework for you to work off in order for you go through and do some math.

Now, the first two parts you’ve probably covered off is compliance and  marketplace launch. The next steps promote, website, Pan EU, you or you may not have done all right. If you’ve not seen the information, go check out the Facebook. We’ve done webinars on it. There’s podcasts on it. They stuff on our Web site. About our expansion site about it. Facebook everywhere. There’s no excuse the information’s out there. Basically, you just need to go and find out. There will be another webinar on that later date. We will host that. I don’t to focus that in on this one too heavily. Like, really, really simple. You really need to focus your account health on. What you’re currently selling, you need to look at the business report. You need to look at the listings. Need to focus on the translation’s. Need to focus on different marketplaces. All of those things will add up to make those marginal gains in order to help you sell more. All right. Really straightforward.

When you’re basically doing your account health, have a look at those simple things. the business report look at the sales by country. How about translated my listings? Have I got different images? Are the key words in place. What are my competitors doing? All of these sort of things add up to really help you to successfully expand.

I really appreciate your time and I look forward to working with you and supporting your expansion in the future. Thank you very much.

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