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Global E-commerce Experts is a world-leading agency that provides a complete e-commerce management solution for those wishing to expand in the US, UK and EU.

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With a complimentary Account Health Check

Are your Amazon accounts fully optimised for maximum sales?  A lot of Amazon sellers may not be aware of the many ways in which you can boost the performance of your Amazon accounts.

As a trusted service partner to Avask, Global E-Commerce Experts offer a free EU & UK Amazon account health check which provides a comprehensive report detailing suggested performance updates, fine-tuning and content upgrades.

Who is the Health Check for?

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As a non-native e-commerce seller looking to, or already expanded into the UK and Europe there can be many difficult hurdles to overcome in ensuring your Amazon accounts are performing as successfully as possible. With language barriers, time and expertise, there are a whole host of factors that could impact you in optimising the accounts with maximum efficiency.

Performing an in-depth investigation into these marketplace accounts can give you all the information needed to make informed, wise and sensible decisions as to what actions need to be taken for your specific situation. It pays to fully investigate the account so you can make the right decision – thankfully by taking advantage of this free health check, you don’t have to!

What does the Health Check include?

  • Listing optimisation via keywords and imagery
  • Inventory overview including shipments
  • Pricing and competition
  • Sales velocity
  • Feedback / reviews and messages
  • Advertising and campaigns
  • Business and advertisement reporting
  • Promotions / vouchers and deals
  • Enhanced brand content (EBC) and storefront
  • General account health
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With the right level of optimisation you can expect...

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Ultimately the health check will produce a report showing a myriad of results.  These are then condensed into a comprehensive presentation which a dedicated Amazon Account Manager will guide you through.

  • Better advertising costs
  • Increased Sales Velocity and higher product ranking within Amazon
  • Optimised listings with hero and lifestyle images and relevant high CTR keywords
  • Higher performing Amazon European Marketplaces

How can I receive a free account health check?

Simply get in touch with the team at Global E-Commerce Experts to action the free service.  The friendly team will guide you through the process and create your own individual report.

Call the team on  0203 915 1930, email or fill out the below form…