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Global E-commerce Experts is a world-leading agency that provides a complete e-commerce management solution for those wishing to expand in the US, UK and EU.

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The busiest time of the year is finally behind us and with it comes a time for reflection, research, and planning but by no means - rest. The sales may be dropping on what you have been seeing in the last month, but don't be disheartened. Use this newfound time away from the chaos of Christmas to both look back on the last year of sales and...

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  The biggest sales event of the year is finally here. Black Friday. That is if you’re in the United States as many of our clients are, in the UK however this is a relatively new craze, only being introduced in 2010 by online giant Amazon. And they knew exactly what they were doing when they introduced Black Friday to the UK - last year (2018)...

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  Many of you may not know, but, Global E-Commerce Experts are on the move once again! Still in the South of England, and not at all far from our old location. We’ve traded our old offices and 3PL Warehouse in for a bigger and better complex to accommodate our growth.     Come take a tour through our new (and improved) premises. With a combined Office and warehouse...

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Today's podcast is a slightly edited version of the webinar we did last week with Robert from Payoneer on; getting paid by Amazon, paying VAT to HMRC, Paying UK based companies with ease, and the GEE Expanders Group. It's an amazing episode that covers these crucial steps that people find really difficult and can be so helpful for those of you expanding into the EU. ...

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The questions keep flying in so hopefully this can put some of them to rest and give you some more information on the massive topic that is - Brexit. Continuing on in our series of podcasts covering the subject, over the coming months as it progresses and more information comes out that needs to be shared with everyone who's wondering. ...

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Why the EU? You might be thinking to yourself that you’re doing just fine as you are over in the States, so why do you even need to expand? But there are some huge differences between the EU and US markets that we would love to share with you. We talked to Dustin Winegardner a couple of weeks ago on our podcast - E-Commerce Expander Secrets,...

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We are lucky to have a number of high-value partnerships with different e-commerce providers around the world, all have a unique way they can support our clients in the e-commerce industry and today's blog brings a fantastic way to help you fund your expansion! Expanding your business is critical to growth over the long term and building a brand that is recognised globally, sometimes, however, we...

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Amazon FBA Centre

Did you know on the 15th February and 15th August of each year, Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) conducts an inventory clean-up?   Amazon FBA Long-Term-Storage Fees   If your inventory has been in an Amazon fulfilment centre or centres between 6 and 12 months it will be assessed a long-term storage fee! Those fees are approximately £440 per cubic metre for items stored for 6-months, and items that have...

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