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Global E-commerce Experts is a world-leading agency that provides a complete e-commerce management solution for those wishing to expand in the US, UK and EU.

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Ecommerce Advice for online sellers

We’ve recently talked about the top eCommerce platforms in both the UK and EU, but today we’ll be discussing how to move away from these entirely and the benefits that come with using your own website.I’m going to use Amazon as the main example here just because it is the most prevalent eCommerce platform people are on however there's a whole load of alternatives that...

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Are you on social platforms? Probably. Is your eCommerce business? Maybe not. Read on to learn how can you use social traffic to your advantage and linking into your eCommerce platforms to help increase your sales. We're going to talk about the top platforms in the EU, most of which will probably not come as a surprise to you, and how to funnel build a following...

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VAT is the first step to ensure your business is legally registered to sell in the EU. Expanding to the EU and becoming VAT registered comes with some legal requirements, that we wanted to touch on in order for you to understand the importance of this step, staying compliant with tax regulations in every market that you serve in Europe is a big but essential task! Just...

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