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Ecommerce Compliance Corner

Since 1 Oct 2023, businesses will be banned from selling certain single-use plastic items in England. The ban on single-use plastics in the UK would have significant implications for e-commerce sellers, particularly those who offer products that fall under the banned categories. Here's what should e-commerce sellers consider when selling in the UK: 1. Packaging Costs: Sellers may need to invest in alternative packaging materials that are...

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We've discussed at length the different VAT schemes, how to set up VAT but we've never really gone into your filing and VAT returns.   It's all good knowing that you pay us on a monthly or annual basis to look after your UK or EU VAT - ensuring your compliance to the European regulations and enabling you to sell internationally with no issues.   But what is it...

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In today's Compliance Corner we're talking about CE Markings, what products require them. As well as how you go about ensuring your product has been certified for compliance in order to be eligible for the CE Marking. As well as being outlined in the video, please see the below link on what products are required to have CE markings, all products are usually manufactured and...

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We pre-recorded this Thursday's Content Corner while Andy is enjoying some time off in the sun of Cornwall this week. Keeping you updated with valuable content and information, vital for your expansions.   With the topic today actually coming in the form of a client submitted question, asking "If I want to sell into other EU member states, do I need to register for VAT in each...

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