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What is CDiscount? Should I be using it?

What is CDiscount? Should I be using it?

Cdiscount is France’s largest ecommerce player. Starting life as a discount online retailer, Cdiscount is now the second most visited website in the country; it has 9 million active customers and enjoys over 23 million unique visitors per month.

Cdiscount’s marketplace was launched in 2011 and has been experiencing strong growth rate ever since. Currently, it hosts more than 12,000 sellers and makes up as much as 38% of the gross sales volume of They offer the full range of goods, new and refurbished, but it is particularly well-known for electronics and tech products and is popular with tech-savvy shoppers looking for good prices. They deliver in France but also in Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Luxemburg.


You must apply to become a seller on Cdiscount. There’s no registration fee or listing fees. There is a monthly cost of €39.99 to sellers and sales commission is charged dependent on category at between 5 and 20%. Payment is taken by the marketplace and disbursed to sellers every ten days in Euros.


You can list your items on Cdiscount using their API, uploading a CSV file or using their listing tools. As a big player in the ecommerce field it is also integrated with many of the multichannel software providers in the industry. Sellers can fulfil their own order, tracking is mandatory, or you can use Cdiscount’s own fulfilment service.

Their network has 22000 pickup points across France for click and collect. It also takes in charge external orders in over 20 countries. To get more prominence for your listings on Cdiscount you can try out the Cdiscount Ads which can help sellers to increase traffic, strengthen customer loyalty and receive more product reviews.

It is a set of communication solutions that allow sellers on Cdiscount Marketplace to gain visibility, both on their entire store and on selected products. They also propose Premium Subscriptions giving access to visibility products, more data, logistics discounts or services, and for the top 4 granting an account manager to help merchants develop their business.

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