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E-commerce Explained: Wix Vs Squarespace

Wix vs Squarespace

Both Wix and Squarespace are leading website platforms, but which one is going to work best for your business? Let’s dive into the key differences you should know before you decide!

#1. Fees

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Let’s start with the question everyone wants to know the answer too, how much is it going to cost to sell on Wix VS Squarespace?

Let’s start with Wix; Wix has a ‘Website’ plan and a ‘Business and eCommerce’ plan.

Both plans charge a monthly subscription but we’re only going to focus on the Business and eCommerce plans in this article as this type of plan allows you to accept payments and make use of all the advanced business app features that E-commerce stores require.

The Business and eCommerce plan starts at £13 per month and goes up to £22 per month depending on your business needs.

Wix pricing plans

Wix users will also receive a 1 year free domain name voucher with select Yearly Premium Plans which can save you a little bit of cash in your first year (every little helps!)

Along with the monthly subscription fee, you will also need to factor in the Wix Payments Processing Fee which is a fee charged for every payment you receive through Wix Payments.

Wix payments processing fees

Moving onto Squarespace, you can choose from four different plans. Personal and Business are for general websites and Basic Commerce and Advanced Commerce are for for e-commerce websites.

The basic Commerce plan starts at £20 per month and goes up to £30 per month depending on your business needs.

Squarespace pricing plans

There are no Squarespace transaction fees for the Commerce plans (Basic and Advanced) so you do save money here, however, the monthly subscription is slightly more for Squarespace compared to Wix.

#2. Ease of Use

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The biggest difference in ease of use with Wix and Squarespace is the editor.

With Wix, you can drag and drop any element anywhere on your website which gives you complete creative freedom.

Unfortunately, you will find yourself having to make the same edit twice, as the Wix Desktop and Mobile editor do not cohesively update.

On Squarespace, you can only move elements on your website into rows and columns which gives you less creative freedom.

Having said that, Squarespace will update the Desktop and Mobile version of your website at the same time, so you won’t have to make the same changes twice.

Another ease-of-use difference to note is the Templates, Wix offers over 500 templates for you to choose and work with, however, once you pick a template, you cannot change it without having to re-build your website, so choose carefully!

With Squarespace, you do not have as many template options, however, you can freely change your template without loosing all of your website content.

#3. Add-ons & Integrations

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Third party apps and interpretations can help you take your website to the next level; Wix has over 300 third-party app add-ons to choose from, so you’ll be spoilt for choice! Some of Wix’s most popular apps are as follows:

  • Visitor Analytics – which allows you to track visitors, page traffic, latest visitor activity, referrals, devices, bounce rates, time of visits and more!
  • Quick Books – Which allows you to automate your accounting by connecting your site with QuickBooks Online.
  • Get Google Ads – which allows you to create Google Ads within your Wix account.

Squarespace has nowhere near as many third-party apps/integration options, however you still have a great list to choose from! Some of Squarespaces most popular apps are as follows:

  • FedEx – automatically calculates shipping costs based on their rates.
  • Up-sell Page Plugin – this plugin redirects customers to an up-sell page after adding an item to their shopping cart.
  • Podcast Player – upload your most recent podcasts to your website to encourage new visitors to listen.

After hearing some of the fundamental differences between Wix and Squarespace, which one will you choose? Let us know in the comments below and get in touch if you’d like us to help you start selling on one of these platforms.

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