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Ensuring your Product(s) Label Meets EU Compliance

Do you know what label information should be included on your product packaging?


What ingredients are allowed on your label in the EU? What claims you are allowed to make? EU label compliance regulations are quite strict in comparison to other countries; to prevent problems from occurring down the line, we strongly suggest that you check if your labels are compliant before shipping your products to the EU.


We know that label compliance is an increasingly complex matter, but don’t worry! Let us take the stress off of you with our label compliance service! We will ensure that your labels are compliant with EU regulations. Interested in our label compliance service? Contact us for more information!


Selling into the EU can be a complicated process and the information required under EU regulations is very different from that of other countries around the world.  Here at GEE, we are pleased to be able to offer a labelling service to ensure your products are labelled correctly and are therefore unlikely to be suspended or removed by Amazon as they do not meet EU regulations.


This service is exclusive to GEE and is with our partner, Trading Standards, who are the organisation in the UK responsible for removing and suspending products when they are not compliant.


How does it work?


Initial Label Compliance Review – £400 +VAT per label (2-3 weeks from date of payment*) This is a basic review of the product label, you send this to us via the form at the bottom of this page and we will send an invoice and rate the product in the following way.
*Optional fast track 3-5 days for additional £120+ VAT per label


This first step allows us to review your label to check for compliance in the EU. There are two sides to this, the label itself and the ingredients. We will come back with what needs to change on the label to make it compliant and if the ingredients are as well in most cases, in some cases, we may have to send ingredients for further investigation or apply/submit to different agencies to find out, which would fall into the next service.


Initial Label and Instructions Review: Cosmetics Products – £560 +VAT per label (2-3 weeks from date of payment)


Final Label Compliance Review – £250 +VAT per label (2 weeks from date of payment)


Once the Initial Label Compliance Review has been completed,  you are welcome to resubmit the revised label for a final review before launching your product into the EU marketplace. If you want to have your labels checked you can submit them below: