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Episode 11 : Social Media and Marketing Strategies

Episode 11 : Social Media and Marketing Strategies



If you’re an ecommerce or online seller looking to expand, we probably don’t need to tell you how important a comprehensive and streamlined marketing strategy is – covering social media, online marketing, and more.

Playrcart is a company which translates all of your advertising and marketing assets across the different channels you want to utilise and tap into – allowing you to create one marketing campaign or advert and then translate it into the right format for every platform you use as part of your online strategy. And that’s not all.

Playrcart is recognised as being the only company which creates fully transactional adverts, in that consumers can interact with an ad and complete the customer journey through an advert without losing their place on the original webpage they were on. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.


The Playrcart experience

Let’s say you are on a webpage, and you see an ad for a product you like the look of. Usually, clicking on it would take you away from your original webpage – however, with Playrcart, that engagement with the ad happens within a new window, thus reducing the obstacles to purchase and streamlining the customer journey.

With the entire purchase process taking mere seconds rather than forcing users to trawl through a new website to get to where they want to go, this tool creates a way for sellers, eCommerce companies, and brands to access consumers without ever transitioning them onto their website or through their own site.

Now, this doesn’t always have to be a sale – it could be a data capture ad, or an advert with a different call to action entirely. The point, however, remains the same – creating obstacle-free actions and processes for consumers, so that they can complete a purchase or sign up for more information without losing their place on another webpage or website.

How does Playrcart work with social media?

Sellers today cannot escape the impact and power of social media. But as soon as you introduce a consumer action or purchase journey to a standard social media platform, you force the user to click a link which drives them away from social media and onto a website or alternative platform.

With Playrcart, the concept remains much the same as with an online ad. Consumers can interact with the product, service, or CTA from within the social media environment, ensuring that they remain in one place, that data is captured and served in the most comprehensive possible way, and that the journey is seamless for them.

In terms of payment, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Meta Pay are all compatible with the Playrcart system so customers need only complete the payment process that they have set up within their phone. A few clicks later, and their purchase is complete – you’ve got the data and information you need about that transaction, and they can continue browsing as if nothing happened.

Other uses of Playrcart

Outside of a social media and online environment, Playrcart is also carving out an impactful place in the live events market – with brands and businesses able to use the same technology to allow consumers and users to complete purchases and fill in information during a live stream. When an ad is promoted during an online stream or online event, consumers can now interact with that ad as if it were a marketplace – meaning that the event retains its audience during even the most compelling of ads.

How can this technology help marketplace sellers?

When it comes to marketing your products, you might find that Amazon or a similar marketplace site is the best and easiest place from which to manage the actual checkout and purchase process. But what many sellers find is that, even if a consumer clicks to buy their product on Amazon having decided to buy, they are faced with competitor products before they can complete their purchase.

This sticking point has become a real issue for marketplace sellers, as it creates a fresh and very enticing obstacle which may draw active consumers towards their competitors – despite having discovered and committed to a product being sold by them.

But with Playrcart technology, you can create a layover which lets consumers complete that purchase without ever actually visiting the marketplace site and – crucially – without ever seeing those competitor products. Rather than giving consumers a chance to see a better price or explore a different brand, you transition them straight to the purchase using your set-up on Amazon – while bypassing the site completely.

Best of all, especially for sellers who are still trying to establish and understand their audience and customer group, by keeping your customers on a single site and removing that need to click away to complete a purchase, you keep all the data in one single place – allowing you to understand the end-to-end journey.

GEE’s partnership with Playrcart

Here at GEE, we are proud to be partnering with Playrcart to deliver this solution to all of our clients and sellers – streamlining the experience for your customers and creating systems which allow you to thrive in the market rather than become bogged down by competitors and complex purchase systems.

Playrcart integrates with a number of platforms already, making it a quick and easy system to install. From there, the checkout asset and process is designed around your branding and vision to ensure it aligns with the experience you want to present to your customer.

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