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Episode 12: Amazon Account Health Check – All You Need to Know

Episode 12: Amazon Account Health Check – All You Need to Know

Amazon account health check


Amazon is often considered to be one of the core marketplace platforms for sellers who want to expand overseas, thanks to its fulfilment tool (known as FBA – Fulfilment by Amazon), optimisation and advertising features, and the ability for sellers to dissect market information and data as required.

One thing we recommend to all sellers using Amazon to expand is our Amazon Account Health Check which conducts a thorough review of your Amazon presence and provides recommendations to enhance performance and drive conversions. This Health Check is arguably the best way to ensure that your listings are up to date with the latest information they need to increase their product ranking, with our team providing the invaluable benefit of a localised view on your Amazon presence and campaigns, and what can be done to enhance them.

Let’s take a closer look at how the Amazon Account Health Check works.






The benefits of an Amazon Account Health Check

In short, an Amazon Account Health Check is an opportunity for your European and/or UK presence to be evaluated in light of the local audience – looking at the quality of your listings, how well managed your inventory is, competitor positioning, the quality of your advertising strategy, the overall ranking of product listing, and how you engage the various features of the platform for your own growth.

All of these results and more are fed back to you through a direct consultation with a Growth expert from GEE, alongside recommendations on how to improve each aspect of your Amazon account. This is not designed to pinpoint what you’re doing wrong – rather, it is designed to be a support system through which you can identify and uncover ways of enhancing your presence and use of Amazon as a platform for expansion and increased sales.

How to know if you need an Amazon account health check

There are no specific requirements that need to be met in order to merit an account health check. In fact, this service can be used to enhance and improve even the most successful of brand campaigns and has been used in the past to identify even very small obstacles which may be getting in the way of a little extra conversion and income for a seller.

It is advised that you have at least three months data as an Amazon seller before engaging this service so that we may provide you with accurate and useful recommendations based on your existing performance – however, in terms of knowing when to get an account health check this service is open to any and every seller who uses Amazon.

Boosting our account health check with Seller Logic

Here at GEE, we have been offering our Amazon Account Health Check to clients for a number of years and have seen some excellent growth and success from those who engage and put into place our recommendations.

Recently we began working with our partner Seller Logic – with the aim being to enhance what we can offer to our clients and further aid their expansion. One of the main focuses of Seller Logic is the FBA tool, known as Fulfilment by Amazon. Through this feature, sellers are able to monitor and track fulfilment, which includes any returns and refunds as well as delivery and inventory – however, when errors occur or the system creates issues that you are not informed about, this can be difficult to rectify, and Amazon doesn’t make it easy to reclaim any money lost.

Seller Logic provides software that can be integrated into a seller account, which both optimises pricing for the current market, and reimburses a seller’s business based on any Amazon errors through the FBA feature. By streamlining the ability of their client’s to handle any Amazon errors, Seller Logic saves sellers time and money, and ensures that reimbursement claims as a result of any errors are formally handled and chased accordingly. For reference, the sorts of errors that this may apply to include damaged items in transit and in Amazon’s fulfilment centre, and any lost orders.

Seller Logic’s tool not only lets you know that an error has been made but instigates an automated process through which any reimbursement that you are due is processed on your behalf – no matter how small it may be. After all, it might be easy to write off the odd £10 but this soon adds up!

Should you be partnering with GEE?

While GEE’s Amazon Account Health Check offers a comprehensive look at your existing Amazon presence and success on the platform, the Seller Logic tools mean that you benefit from the automation of reimbursement and errors claims. Rather than filling in forms and trying to contact Amazon yourself about every little error made in their FBA facility, the Seller Logic integration allows you to sit back and continue to run your business without worrying about those little claims.

Best of all, Seller Logic doesn’t simply start filing your claims from the day you set it up in your account – it backtracks as far as 18 months, allowing you to claim the reimbursement owed from the past year and a half of your time on the Amazon platform (if applicable).

Combining our Amazon Account Health Check with the new software from Seller Logic means that we are now in the best possible position to support sellers as they expand across Amazon and beyond. For more insight into our health checks and to find out how you can start building your online business today, visit our website and be sure to check out the webinar which accompanies this blog – where you will also find a series of FAQs on our Amazon Account Health Check and some in-depth answers from both GEE and Seller Logic.

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