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Global E-commerce Experts is a world-leading agency that provides a complete e-commerce management solution for those wishing to expand in the US, UK and EU.

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EU 3PL Warehousing & Logistics

End to end EU e-commerce logistics

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EU 3PL Warehousing & Logistics

EU 3PL Solutions

Global E-Commerce provide comprehensive warehousing storage and 3PL solutions from our dedicated fulfilment centre in The Netherlands.  Our location gives us direct access into all the main EU member states.

Amazon EU Solutions

For sellers requiring solutions for Amazon EU fulfilment, our services give you advanced options for the EU.  There are no limits as to how much stock you can store with us.  Given our close proximity to the main Germany Amazon fulfilment centre, and the soon to be built Netherlands centre, we can feed Amazon with your stock as required.

This means you avoid having to ship direct from manufacturer each time your stock runs out.  You will also reduce import taxes by shipping higher volume of goods to our warehouse for us to fulfil to Amazon.

Complete 3PL Solutions

Our comprehensive services include all forms of 3PL for the EU.  We have full independent fulfilment solutions direct to Amazon or direct to your customers across the EU.


Additional solutions used by 1000’s of EU e-commerce sellers include:

Storage & Warehousing

Fulfilment (B2B & B2C) Amazon Seller & Vendor

Storage, Check, re-pack

Returns | Labelling | FBA Prep

Container Unload

EU E-Commerce Logistics - Fulfilment

Don't Forget EU Responsible Person Requirements

Responsible Person services are legally required for all EU sellers.  Without having a dedicated Responsible Person solution you run the very high risk of Amazon removing your listings and even worse legal action.

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