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Global E-commerce Experts Launch New UK Fulfilment Centre!

GEE UK Fulfillment, 3PL and Warehouse

Global E-commerce Experts Launch New UK Fulfilment Centre!

GEE Warehouse

A week does not go by where we don’t get a call about 3PL, warehousing or fulfilment services.  Callers typically tell us that the cost of their current fulfilment centre is expensive and in some cases not very good. We are also told that their current suppliers don’t get their products out on time, won’t ship to various EU countries and in some cases don’t handle returns.

Global E-commerce Experts (GEE) is excited to announce that it has completed the refurbishment of its new fulfilment centre in the UK.  The warehouse/fulfilment centre sits next to one of GEE’s recently refurbished offices and will provide its e-commerce clients with an additional avenue for 3PL services for their products, at a cost of about 20% less than what they are paying with other vendors.

The new centre is equipped with the latest racking, pick-and-pack, postage, packaging, shipping and return facilities, as well as several thousand square feet of storage for individual, boxed and palleted items.

At our new centre we are providing fulfilment for both B2B and B2C customers.  We even provide storage and ship various quantities of our clients’ products into Amazon for FBA services.  This tactic allows our clients not to have to pay long-term storage fees with Amazon, which in some cases can be over £800 a year for a single pallet.  We have the ability to provide additional 3PL services for our FBA clients during the peak holiday seasons, and have incorporated a gift-wrapping service for our clients too.

The centre sits on a secure business park with CCTV, alarm, and an onsite watchman.

Get in touch today to learn more about our fulfilment services!

GEE Fulfilment and Warehouse

GEE Fulfilment Pick-and-Pack

Empty warehouse shelf

GEE Fulfilment and Returns

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