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Global E-commerce Experts Launch New Website!

GEE Website

Global E-commerce Experts Launch New Website!

It has been been said that if you want it done properly, do it yourself!  Although that is not the best team mentality, our talented e-commerce and website designers came together to do just that… built a new website for the company!


Everyone decided to provide input; from our directors to warehouse manager, our SEO team and yes of course our Pay-Per-Click team even had a few bits of advice.  So how do you build a website that is attractive, get’s your message across, and at the same time is organically viable for a variety of search engines… well it is not easy, but we feel that is exactly what we achieved.


Our creative team developed the overall design, tested that design, and then our development team built the site in a record two weeks!  Our SEO team are happy, as the company is ranked first on Google and a variety of other search engines for ‘e-commerce experts’ and ‘e-commerce management experts’.  Of course the team linked the site to our plethora of social media accounts, Yelp and naturally our Google account.


Google analytics are showing a gradual increase in traffic and our live chat widget has become a hit with prospective clients!


We provide the same great service for our clients, providing month-on-month sales growth via their e-commerce website using platforms such as Shopify as well as their own Amazon and eBay accounts.


Learn more about our complete e-commerce management services via our ‘Services‘ page on this very website!


Have questions? … try our ‘We are here!’ live chat widget located in the bottom left-hand corner of this screen!


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