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Happy New Year

The busiest time of the year is finally behind us and with it comes a time for reflection, research, and planning but by no means – rest. 
The sales may be dropping on what you have been seeing in the last month, but don’t be disheartened. Use this newfound time away from the chaos of Christmas to both look back on the last year of sales and plan ahead at what 2020 will bring. 

2020 Vision – What do you see in your future?

Despite there not being as many e-commerce holidays to make the most of in the next 3 months like we had with Black Friday/Cyber Monday – be sure to make the most of the January Sales while you can to get that sales velocity as high as possible as we enter the quiet months before it picks up again in the Summer. 

While you were likely swamped with your US Amazon stores over the last 2-3 months in the preparation for and actual Holiday period. This downtime could be the perfect time to focus on a venture into new markets so by Q4 2020 you’re ready, with new marketplaces under your belt to help bring more sales. So, for those of you who perhaps have been putting off or neglecting your expansion, the time is now!

We have so much helpful information and completely free resources that can help you succeed.  A great place to start is with the EU Expansion Training Series, a 100% FREE 9 lesson course that will guide you through many essentials of expansion. 

We recently created what we’re calling the EU Success Pathway. A 6 step guide from beginning to end of, well, how to have a successful expansion. You can find out more about this in one of our monthly webinars. There’s also a whole host of backlogged content containing really interesting and insightful information that can be super helpful when looking at your own expansion such as podcasts, blogs and more…

What’s coming for Global E-Commerce Experts?

There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming months here at GEE.
We’ve got some big plans in the works that we can’t announce just yet but watch this space, you’ll be hearing about it soon! Alongside this, we’re planning on ‘expanding’ if you’ll pardon the pun, how many webinars we run to provide you all with more useful content on a weekly basis, specialised for the needs of everyone – more to come on that soon…

We’d love for you to follow us on social media and also join our exclusive expander Facebook Group ‘GEE Expanders’ to discuss how your expansion is going with fellow  E-Commerce Sellers.

If you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to email into or anyone on the team. 

Thanks once again for choosing GEE.

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