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How to Grow Your Amazon Seller Reputation in Europe

How to Grow Your Amazon Seller Reputation in Europe

In this guest post, Becky Trowbridge from eComEngine shares some top tips on how you can grow your Amazon reputation in Europe.

Get to Know the Markets

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There are more than 40 countries in Europe, each with its own distinct traditions and shopping behaviors. For example, is quite different from Getting to know the culture and customs of any marketplace you plan to list your products in is an important first step.

Understanding the nuances of each Amazon Europe marketplace creates a firm foundation for your business. It informs your keyword research, advertising strategy, listing copy, and more. Knowledge of cultural values, shopping patterns, and major holidays allows you to create content that prospective buyers connect to and trust. 

You can get started smarter with account management services and more from Global E-commerce Experts. Their experienced team has the knowledge you need to expand into new marketplaces successfully.

Don’t Get Lost in Translation

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When it comes to listing your products, don’t just copy and paste from one marketplace to another. Tailor your content and localize your listings for each market. Work with a professional translator to create product listings that make an impact.

You’ll also need to make sure that any product instructions, ingredients, and other information is translated into the main language of each marketplace you’re selling on. Set the tone for the types of ratings you’d like to receive from Amazon customers by providing a positive experience.

Ask for Feedback and Reviews

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Amazon buyers often confuse feedback and reviews. Both are important pieces of your Amazon seller reputation, so it’s helpful to know how they impact your account.

Seller feedback is all about your performance as a seller. Did the item arrive on time? Did you provide a quality customer experience? Seller feedback is included in your Amazon account health metrics. If your average feedback rating falls below Amazon’s standards, you could have your account suspended. Seller feedback impacts your ability to get the Buy Box and it can help buyers make the decision to purchase from you.

Product reviews, on the other hand, are all about your actual product. Getting Amazon reviews is key to building buyer trust, boost your product’s organic search rankings, and ensuring that customers are having a positive experience with your products.

You can request seller feedback or product reviews with Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging or a third-party tool such as FeedbackFive, which is available in 15 Amazon marketplaces. Be sure to follow the Amazon Community Guidelines if you are composing your own message. It’s very important to use neutral language. In order to comply with Amazon policies, you cannot ask for a positive rating, attempt to manipulate a rating in any way, send marketing promotions, or compensate buyers for leaving a rating.

If you prefer to skip the compliance guesswork, you can use the Amazon Request a Review button to have Amazon send a combined request for a product review and seller feedback on your behalf. The message is automatically translated into the recipient’s language of choice. It features an image of your listing above five empty stars. Clicking on the stars will take the recipient to Amazon to leave a product review. Just below those stars is another five empty stars; clicking on these stars allows the recipient to leave seller feedback on Amazon. You can also set timing options and schedule automation for this messaging system with FeedbackFive.

Provide Exceptional Service

Amazon has strict expectations of sellers for a reason. It expects sellers to provide the great service, fast shipping, and general excellence that shoppers have come to expect from Amazon. 

Providing a great experience for Amazon buyers in every marketplace you’re selling on is the best way to continue to grow your business and build your seller reputation. Consistently requesting feedback and reviews is a smart way to monitor how you’re doing. If you start seeing negative ratings, it’s time to make some changes. 

If you do receive a negative review, it’s a good idea to leave a professional response to the review. This shows other shoppers that you are paying attention and continuing to work to provide great products and service on Amazon. While you may not reach the original commenter, simply showing that you’re listening can be beneficial. 

Start Building Your International Reputation 

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Understanding your customers, creating localized listings, and providing great service are smart ways to get started in a new marketplace. Ensuring a positive customer experience keeps your seller account in good standing with Amazon.

You can also confidently request reviews and feedback from buyers to build and monitor your seller reputation, knowing that you’re doing everything you can to provide an exceptional customer experience. Reviews and feedback will accelerate your Amazon growth, helping you to become successful in every marketplace you add. 

If you have questions about your international product review strategy, get a free consultation from the experts at FeedbackFive.

Author: Becky Trowbridge

As the Content Editor for eComEngine, Becky Trowbridge shares the latest eCommerce industry news as well as tips for running a successful Amazon business. When she’s not writing or managing content, she enjoys spending time outdoors, trying new recipes, and reading.

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