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How would single-use plastics ban impact e-commerce sellers and what should they consider?

How would single-use plastics ban impact e-commerce sellers and what should they consider?

Since 1 Oct 2023, businesses will be banned from selling certain single-use plastic items in England. The ban on single-use plastics in the UK would have significant implications for e-commerce sellers, particularly those who offer products that fall under the banned categories. Here’s what should e-commerce sellers consider when selling in the UK:

1. Packaging Costs:

Sellers may need to invest in alternative packaging materials that are compliant with the ban.

2. Product redesign:

Re-evaluate the product offerings and potentially redesign them to comply with the ban. For example, if the products contains plastic straws or cutlery, they would need to find alternative materials such as biodegradable or reusable options.

3. Logistics and Shipping:

Alternative packaging materials may have different weights and dimensions compared to plastic packaging, which could affect shipping costs and logistics. Sellers may need to optimise their packaging to minimize shipping expenses.

4. Marketplace challenges:

Marketplaces may implement their own restrictions in line with government regulations. This could involve sellers updating product listings, or adhering to specific labelling requirements imposed by the marketplace.

5. Inventory management:

Need to manage their existing inventory of banned plastic products. They may need to phase out these products or find alternative uses for them if they cannot be sold legally after the ban takes effect.

6. Exemption:

Some products has exemption, especially medical products, such as cotton buds.

7. Consultation:

Sellers would need to speak to compliance experts to ensure they are compliant with the ban’s regulations, including understanding which materials are permitted and prohibited, and what should be your next step.

At GEE, we are the product compliance expert and offer solutions to help e-commerce businesses thrive in this evolving landscape. Get in touch if you have any questions regarding product compliance via


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