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HTML tags removed from Amazon listings, use Enhanced Brand Content instead!

HTML tags removed from Amazon listings, use Enhanced Brand Content instead!

After Amazon’s recent announcement stating they are stopping support for HTML code in the content for product detail pages as of June 8th, 2021, it is crucial to look at how you can use Enhanced Brand Content in its place to keep that visual appeal.

What is Enhanced Brand Content?

Amazon has created a lot of different features that can help users sell better, from advertising and promotions, to vouchers, deals, everything else. And Enhanced Brand Content is no different. It helps create a more interesting flair for your product by changing the product description to a much more visually stimulating template of pictures and text where you can put together and create graphics that really help catch people’s eyes and get your edge over your competitors.

Now we can talk quickly on that here, how do you enroll so to register your brand on Amazon, to get access to EBC, you must own the trademark for your brand, the name on your products and packaging.

So, if you’re someone who’s created your own product, and you’re selling, it’s definitely worthwhile getting to register for that trademark so you can have access to this Enhanced Brand Content.

Enhanced Brand Content for your listings in a nutshell is just a series of templates to choose from. And there’s and there’s lots of different templates you can choose from you can see the picture on the left there shows how some basic descriptions on a on a listing where a wall of text, where it might be full of amazingly persuasive writing can become amazing graphics, pictures and text. They can really help sell a product.

And even the most effectively written product descriptions can’t compete with this sort of style of sales copy because of just the eye-catching nature of it. It’s something that really will make you stand out. It will portray a sense of brand value and trust in your in your product in your brand. Because they see that mean, they know it’s someone who’s got a brand, their brand is registered that they’re official, they’re legit, if you will, and that it’s also as a sense of professionalism through doing that.

So, ultimately, I think the conversion rates as a comparison to somebody who has EBC it’s not, it can be seen quite highly because of how highly regarded it is. So, it’s definitely used if you look at any of the top brands on Amazon, Apple, Amazon themselves, any of their products, all of them will have Enhanced Brand Content.

And not only does it immediately fill you with a certain sense of trust, that their products get, but it also is so much more persuasive. You can see the amount of detail and pictures and copy that they’ve put together that really helps sell the product on top of the existing images and description.

It’s really important if you’re if you’re sitting on some amazing really visual content, amazing sales videos, which you think would really help sell your product, but you know, able to put it on your listing Enhanced Brand Content can allow that to happen and it’s really good way of showing off your products and just making it that much more persuasive.

So, top tip for your Enhanced Brand Content is to not solely rely on the imagery. I know that’s a huge part of it. And as we discussed, there’s templates that will help you put together where it’s if you want three photos in a row and some description or whatever it might be, there might be a car sale type template.

But it’s important not to rely solely on images as the EBC for listings will actually replace the product description. So, where you might have had a really good persuasive product description, filled with loads of good keywords and search terms that are really relevant to your product to help it be found. If you just completely swap those out in your EBC for pictures alone, you’re not going to be going to be found as well, it might look really good, but the search ability isn’t going to be as good as it used to be.

So, it’s really important to keep all that product description and input it across the EBC with the pictures it with the templates on the graphics or even in the meta tags off the images in the templates which you can add in. So, it’s really important to keep that to make sure your product still has good search ranking. And with a maximum of 11 images on the image section for products, it’s really good to know that if your product is one that is really photogenic, and you’ve got hundreds of photos for it, and you’re really annoyed by the fact that you can only post 11 photos and you don’t think that you’ve really shown it in all its glory with just those 11 you can be glad that EBC allows you to go really wild with that and add in so many more images, all the different angles and product features that it has to offer and the benefits your product has.

So, that Enhanced Brand Content can really just add that a little bit extra which again, if your competitors aren’t having EBC and they only have the 11 images and a wall of text as a product description. This Enhanced Brand Content can really make you stand out.

When you’re searching for a product or when your potential buyers might be searching for a product. They are obviously, unless you’ve got a really unique product, going to be a high likelihood that you’re competing with people who have a very similar product to you.

Now if they see your product with Enhanced Brand Content and a competitor’s without one they emphasize the kind of the benefit it can really give you and the fact that the trust behind that brand and kind of the professionalism that it portrays, I think, in the stats that we’ve seen, at least have really shown the advantages it can give you.

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