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The benefits of Payoneer

The benefits of Payoneer

In addition to being a one-stop shop for processing all your marketplace payouts, Payoneer provides a complete set of services to help you grow your eCommerce business and expand into new geographies. Here, we’ll be going over the different Payoneer tools available to marketplace sellers, including Store Manager, VAT payment service, currency accounts and working capital.

Whether you’re selling on eBay, Amazon, Wish, Lazada or any of the other dozens of marketplaces that work with Payoneer, we enable you to efficiently manage all your payments while facilitating business growth. Ready to learn what Payoneer can do for you? Let’s get started.

Manage Your Business in Different Currencies

Payoneer receiving accounts act like local bank accounts, allowing marketplaces and your international clients to pay you via local bank transfer in the currency of their choice. This means that, for example, you can easily receive your eBay payouts to your USD account and your Cdiscount payouts to your EUR account.

Receiving accounts provide you with several benefits when it comes to growing your business, including:

You keep more of your earnings – Getting paid to a local receiving account eliminates international wire transfer fees, allowing you to take home more of your earnings.

You can sell on more marketplaces – The ability to receive funds in different currencies gives you more flexibility when choosing the international marketplace you’d like to sell on next.

You simplify the payments process – Your international clients will benefit from a simplified payments process, helping to ensure they’ll continue your business relationship.

Consolidate Your Payments with Store Manager

The Payoneer Store Manager is your central hub for consolidating marketplace payments, providing you with a simple platform for receiving payouts and reallocating funds to grow your business. With store manager, you can:

Analyze store revenues – Export your different stores’ financial data to analyze sales trends and revenues.

Monitor store performance – Tag each of your stores to track how well they are performing.

Track payouts – Easily track each of your stores’ individual payouts from a single location.

In addition to being able to simply withdraw your funds to your local bank account, Store Manager provides you with a number of ways to utilize your payouts to benefit your business.

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