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Product Markings for the UK Market: What do you need to know?

Product Markings for the UK Market: What do you need to know?

Like it or not, just because a product is your top seller in one market, doesn’t meant that the same success will be seen in an alternative marketplace

Similarly, the product markings and certifications which render it suitable for sale are different across the different markets – and ever since the UK left the EU, requirements of product markings have changed for the UK market.

So, what do you need?

Introducing the UKCA

The UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) marking regime came into play after the UK left the EU, thus creating a new way for the UK market to approve products/goods entering and being sold across the country. Essentially replacing the CE marking, the UKCA markings are designed to demonstrate and prove that the requirements of the product legislation have been met, with the legal need for UKCA markings coming into effect as of 1st January 2023.

The marking needs to be affixed to the product or its packaging as proof that the product adheres to the product’s conformity with the UK’s legislation. To obtain the UKCA marking for your products, you need to fill in the relevant application form before proceeding with the transition from CE to UKCA markings.

Do all products require the same markings?

There are a few product categories which are exempt from the need for UKCA marking, namely:

  • Medical devices
  • Rail interoperability
  • Construction products
  • Civil explosives
  • Eco-design and energy labelled products

Outside of these areas, all products being marketed and sold on the UK market need to have the UKCA marking to prove their validity. But if you were hoping that this marking applies across Northern Ireland as well as the UK, unfortunately this is where it gets a little more complex.

What about in Northern Ireland?

The UKCA is the newest product marking demand across Great Britain, however Northern Ireland has its own requirements in the form of the UKNI marking.

The need for UKNI specification in Northern Ireland came into play on 1st January 2021 and sits alongside the existing CE marking to show that the product has been assessed and approved by a UK-body.

Sellers and businesses should note that UKCA markings are not valid in Northern Ireland.

Which markings are required in each market?

The following markings are required to sell a product in each specific market.

EU market: CE marking, approved by an EU notified body.

GB market: UKCA marking, with or without the additional CE / UKNI markings.

NI market: UKNI marking, with or without the additional CE markings.

If you are looking to sell in both Great Britain and Northern Ireland, you will need to meet the guidelines laid out by both and have the UKNI and UKCA markings on your products. Additionally, the same applies for those wishing to sell in all three markets, whereby sellers are required to place a CE, UKCA and UKNI marking on each of their products.  It’s also important that if you have more than one marking, none cover up, overlap, or draw attention from the others.

For more advice on product markings and how to ensure that your products meet the legislative requirements of the marketplace you are looking to sell in, Global Ecommerce Experts boast a wealth of experience and market knowledge that can help you tick those boxes to rapidly boost your brands sales success. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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