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Product Relabelling

Ensuring label compliance is a big part of ensuring your products and account stay active on Amazon. But there is some other aspects of labelling to consider that we can also assist with – and that is Product Relabelling.


If you want to change the SKU of a product on Amazon in order to give it a ‘refresh’. You are able to get it sent to a 3PL company such as our self to rebarcode the items and issue them a new SKU. There are a few reasons you might want to do this, for example, if you have a product with an average of negative reviews, you may want to close down that listing and create it again with a new SKU.


Unfortunately this isn’t as simple as closing down the old listing and starting a new one, as the physical packaging and labelling will still have the same ASIN and Barcode of the previous listing which needs changing.


In today’s Content Corner, Andy will go over exactly how that works and why you might want to consider doing it to help your listings succeed.

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