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Product Sourcing Made Easy! Check out China Performance Group

Product Sourcing Made Easy! Check out China Performance Group

An eCommerce seller with a strong product offering is often challenged by sourcing.  Getting it right, the right price, the right quality, and getting the product on time requires both technical expertise and direct contact. If you are sourcing from Chinese factories, you can also encounter difficulties communicating the intricacies of product specifications, pricing agreements, volume requirements, and more.  The language and cultural differences and the ongoing pandemic has only made this challenge even more difficult.

Having the right team onsite to manage the process and to look out for your interests is ideal, but finding such a team is hard. Setting up an office in China is even harder: it is costly, time-consuming and managing such a team effectively from a distance is challenging.

We found that China Performance Group offers a great solution: they are a professional, experienced group of specialists who know how to get the results you need. 

They have more than 40 years’ experience in this field. They combine a robust team of English-speaking sourcing specialists in Beijing with an executive team in the US to expertly manage the China supply chain for their clients.  Don’t believe us? Find out more and ‘meet their team’ here.

CPG is unique in that they do not markup factory pricing. This means your first cost will always be the lowest. They simply seek the best value by benchmarking your products with multiple suppliers, negotiating optimal terms and establishing clear contract protocols to protect your orders and ensure compliance.

CPG believes Quality Control starts before the order is even placed and ensures that everything goes through their proprietary quality assurance process; factories must be qualified before orders are placed, product requirements must be clearly understood, all orders are inspected. For an even more in-depth look, see them breakdown the extent of their highly thorough QA process.

Whether you are new to China sourcing or have been doing this a long time, having an on-site sourcing team will make the sourcing process easy, predictable, and safe. Even if you are an experienced importer with a good China support system such a team will take you to the next level. In either case, we think you should give CPG a look: they guarantee you will have peace of mind and get the results you seek.

At Global E-Commerce Experts, we pride ourselves on offering a complete end-to-end solution for expanding eCommerce sellers, constantly looking at ways to add value to our clients. We consider this to be a crucial missing piece to the puzzle of our EU Expansion ‘Success Pathway’ and CPG is the ideal supply-chain provider in response to that requirement.

Let us know if you are looking to expand your product offering and would like any help in sourcing your next best seller!

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