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UK & EU Address Service

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Ensuring You're Legally Compliant for Responsible Person

What Is Responsible Person?

A Responsible Person is a legal or natural person based in either the UK or EU who will act as the unique representative for your product(s) in that respective region.


Commonly referred to as ARP (Amazon Responsible Person), it is a legal requirement as part of UK and EU product and labeling compliance responsibilities that requires having the address and point of reference for a specific economic operator as the legal point of contact of your products.


Depending on which EU/UK regulation the product is identified as will determine which set of rules, supporting documents, and requirements are needed.

Why You Need A Responsible Person?

Without it, it is very likely that your listings will be suspended or rejected if a seller can’t show a responsible person for their products.


The role of the Responsible Person is to guarantee compliance before the European and UK authorities and ensure the product is safe for the intended use.


For anyone selling in the UK and EU marketplaces, it is vital that the product has been risk assessed and tested for safe use, this is usually done by the manufacturer and can be carried out by a third party.

What Is Included In The Responsible Person Service?

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The Simple Solution to Responsible Person

The required components are:

(1) A dedicated address on all your product labels for the economic operator who is acting as the designated responsible persons.

(2) A sample of each product stored at that address.  This is the default address that Trading Standards will use for any compliance checks.


Global E-Commerce Experts can provide both options for you.  Once we have certified your products and labels are compliant we will provide you with our responsible persons address (UK & EU).  We will also store a sample of each product in our warehouse / fulfilment centres, which will be the same address as displayed on your labels.

If you’re unsure about the compliance of your products of labels, you can view our full compliance services here.

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