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Amazon Is Ending Its Responsible Persons Service


Amazon has informed vendors of products bearing the CE mark in the European Union, the Amazon Responsible Persons service will stop by March 31, 2024. If Amazon was your responsible person, finding an alternative is mandatory. Using a trusted compliance firm like GEE can ensure you meet this requirement.



Don’t Worry, GEE Can Act As Responsible Persons In The UK/EU


The role of a Responsible Person for products is crucial when entering the UK/EU market because it serves a similar function to the Authorized Representative and Economic Operator. GEE can act as local point of contact and ensure that products meet the necessary safety and conformity standards within the UK/EU. Read more about What is Responsible Person?

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Impacts On Amazon Sellers

This change is a legal requirement, and non-compliance will impact sellers’ listings and, consequently, their sales. Amazon will be required by law to deactivate their CE marked offering that lack a responsible person from 1st April 2024.


E-Commerce sellers need to assess which of their products are CE-marked and will be affected by this change. They must designate an alternative responsible person for each of their CE marked brands and offerings and provide this information on the compliance with policies dashboard by 31st March 2024.

Safeguard Your Best Seller Listings

What should Amazon Sellers do now?

  1. Consultation: Consulting with legal or regulatory experts familiar with the EU market is advisable to ensure complete compliance. Seek advise from experts like GEE to assess your products.
  2. Understanding GPSD: Even if your goods aren’t CE-marked, your should familiarize yourselves with the updated General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) regulations to ensure you’re not caught off guard.
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