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The 3 step process to increasing slow Sales in DE, FR, IT, and ES?

The 3 step process to increasing slow Sales in DE, FR, IT, and ES?

So today we’re going to talk about Expansion, EU markets, and where you might have slowed sales. How to automate some, talking about automated automatic listings, translations and then the options and differences this might make.

So a key part of what we do here is about helping you to successfully expand. We a six-step process, a six-step guide and a pathway in order to help you. So our pathway of Compliance, Marketplace Launch, Promotion, Website, Pan EU and Fulfillment is all part of helping you to succeed in your expansion.
Now, where we come into with translations or slower sales is somewhere in the middle. And depending on where you’re up to is going to change on what this stage looks like for you.

Here are the different markets – We’ve got the UK. So the UK is probably where the majority of our sellers send their products into. And therefore, that’s probably where they focus the majority of their efforts. The other thing is most of our clients based in the states. So actually the American to English language translation works relatively straightforward. I guess there are a few differences, but overall it’s essentially the same language, which is actually critical.

Now what we actually see is that people have slower sales in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain marketplaces. There’s probably for a number of reasons. So if you’re experiencing that you’ve got those slower sales, then there’s probably a pretty good reason. The UK and Germany are about the same in market share and market size. Now, depending on your product, depending on the percentage, if you take the UK as 100. Germany should be about 80 percent of that. Without a shadow of a doubt, France is about 50 percent and Spain and Italy is somewhere beneath that. But you’re really looking for Germany to either be 100 percent and the UK at 80 percent or vice versa. That is dependent on the product you’re selling.

If you’re not seeing that there are some really key simple things you can do to make that happen.

So here are the main reasons. The reason for your slow sales is your keywords, your listings and brand content, the way you look at the moment on your pictures. They’ve all got one thing in common. The translations or lack thereof.

So what Amazon will do once you launch products they say will automatically translate in their listing in a country in that marketplace. Now you can auto-translate these things, but it’s just not that great. So there are a few steps you can go through to make that better.

There are three options.
So here we can say the first option is absolutely free. There is no reason whatsoever that you shouldn’t use it. So Google Translate is an amazing tool. You can use it on your phone and the best thing I like about the phone is that it actually can do it while you talk to it. So you can talk to it and they’ll give you the answer. Which I mean, I really love.
A free translation is a very basic requirement on every single listing. So basically go to Google Translate. Now there is other alternative free translation software out there, but Google Translate is probably the best free translation service you can use to get you a decent standard.
So when you first load your product, every listing needs at least a Google Translate. It is literally as simple as that. It’s free, it just takes a bit of your time.

The second step is native tongue translation. Now, really, you want to be doing it certainly with your top 10 products in the first one to two months at the very latest. And you’re looking to get it done by local people in that country that speak English as well. You don’t want to be getting people that just do half and half. Someone does Mexican Spanish, you know, someone that does, you know, Canadian French. You need somebody who can translate it, you need someone in Spain that’s a Spanish translator. You’re just going to get no better than Google Translate. So it’s really key that you basically have some human native tongue translations you need to do at least of the top 10 products.

Now, once you’ve done that, you then move on to a later date to doing your full sales and marketing copy. Now, we would suggest doing this once the listing gets to 5 figures. It’s a much bigger investment. And that’s why we recommend doing it then.

Okay. So what’s the difference? Well, the first thing is brand consistency. If you want your brand to come across in a certain way, then you have to do that in every single thing you do. It has to be a native tongue. You need to be out to develop your brand in each marketplace because if you can’t develop your brand in that marketplace, it’s never going to get the momentum. It will help you stand out because if they’re looking at two listings and one has got poor German on it and one’s perfect German it won’t look right.

Now, I hear what you say. Well, actually, what difference does action make. So here are the differences that we see based on the data we get. If you do a free translation, at the very least, you will see a 25 percent increase in the people taking up your products in those countries. Free translation 25 percent. I mean, like, that’s bonkers.
So that’s the first thing to say. The second thing, native tongue translation We’ll see an increase of 30 to 40 percent on your sales.
Now the full sales and marketing one, we’ll see a 50 percent increase. So that’s like a 10 percent difference. We are looking to do that much further down the line.

So there are three things that will we see translations make a difference, and the easiest way of doing that is by doing it for free. Once you’ve done the free and you’ve started seeing momentum, you need to get your top 10 products done. The native tongue translation is very simple, very easy and an absolute must-do. Absolutely crucial going forward. In native tongue translations, you need to do that in the first six weeks ideally, and you need to basically do it at least your top 10 products.

So in a nutshell, you know, if you’re seeing good sales in the UK, but not a lot in the rest of Europe. It’s because of your translations.

You can have a look through the Translation page on our Services tab if you want more information on the service we provide and need any support with this – We’d love to help you.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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