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Global E-commerce Experts is a world-leading agency that provides a complete e-commerce management solution for those wishing to expand in the US, UK and EU.

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The benefits of our Golden Ticket Bundle

The benefits of our Golden Ticket Bundle

Here at Global Ecommerce Experts, we specialise in offering a well-rounded service for e-commerce brands and businesses looking to expand into Europe. With expertise in the compliance and logistics of expanding a brand and the sales process that comes with it into a new market, we work with a broad range of businesses looking to capitalise on international demand.

One of our core offers is delivered in the form of our Golden Ticket Bundle, with this blog outlining the benefits of the bundle and what you can expect at each stage of the process.

The Benefits of Working with GEE

Expanding into the UK and EU can mark unchartered territory for many businesses and single sellers, particularly when you work with service providers and partners that lack the full end-to-end service you might need. Whether it’s regulation checks, shipping requirements, or manufacturing processes, GEE is a global leader in e-commerce expansion, with no business model too small, too big, or too complex for our team to build.

Introducing the Golden Ticket Bundle

The Golden Ticket Bundle offering gives entry into the UK and Europe with one price designed to cover the entire service. For brand and business owners, this means one set fee which ticks all of the complex expansion process boxes, allowing you to focus on what really matters without worrying about future fees and unanticipated costs.

When you work with us through the Golden Ticket Bundle, we will seamlessly introduce your brand and/or business to the new marketplace in as little as 14 days, alleviating the pressures of a downturn in income and instead letting you start earning from your new market presence as quickly as possible.

Another benefit of the bundle is that the overall package can be tailored according to the size and scale of your existing business – so that you never pay for more than you need.

We have created the Golden Ticket Bundle to remove all the pressure and stress that comes with growing and expanding an ecommerce business on an international scale. In recognition of the many regulations and policies that ecommerce brands now need to adhere to, this bundle is designed to take on all of those key decisions and provide business owners and sellers with a one-stop service that enables them to safely and legally sell their produce in the UK and EU.

If this sounds like something that might benefit you, and to find out more about exactly what the offers involves and how it can ease and process of international expansion for your business or brand, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at GEE. Let your worries become our business, and give yourself the gift of a full-managed service that leaves you free to sell.

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