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The handmade boutique eCommerce platform Etsy and if it’s for you.

The handmade boutique eCommerce platform Etsy and if it’s for you.

Etsy is well known and a major player in the handmade and vintage arena with a marketplace that is strong on visuals, offering curated collections and suggestions and commanding a loyal and passionate following.

In the UK they have a decent network of sellers who host regular meet-ups and also host offline craft fairs. 58% of sales are made on mobile devices and 38% of sales are made outside of the United States. It’s reported that over 80% of sellers are women. And that, perhaps, goes someway to understanding its broad appeal and reputation for fantastic and unique handmade goods. Etsy has an active global shopping community of 47 million in more than 234 different countries. 2.8 million sellers were listing 66 million items as of March 2020.


It’s easy to get registered and you don’t need to be accredited or approved by the marketplace. But you do need to provide and build fantastic, beautiful listings and construct a shop front. Look at Etsy and you’ll see that listings are quirky and warm and often laced with personal stories about the products for sale.


Once you’re registered, you’ll need to build your store. You can find out all about that here. Etsy doesn’t offer any fulfilment itself and you make your own despatches on your own terms. Tracking isn’t compulsory. Payments are taken through their own payments system and disbursed to you, or you can offer PayPal or even take cheques or money orders.

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