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The Ultimate Guide for Amazon Seller Central

The Ultimate Guide for Amazon Seller Central

As Global E-Commerce Experts, it is our job to provide e-commerce sellers looking to, or already selling in Europe a deep and thorough breakdown of all of the E-Commerce marketplace platforms on offer, looking at their features, pros, cons and more.

Not only from a Seller perspective but also buying because it’s crucial to understand the customer experience when selling on an e-commerce platform so you can connect with your consumers. Today marks the start of this series with the arguably the largest not only in the EU but worldwide… Amazon!

Starting off with the Seller side, it is split into two plans; Individual and Professional. The main differences of the two are as follows.
Individual – Best if you’re planning on seller fewer than 40 items per month. There’s no monthly subscription fee, but your selling fees are $0.99 per item in addition to referral fees and variable closing fees.
Professional – Most established brands will start here – that is, unless you’re selling fewer than 40 items per month. The monthly subscription fee is $39.99 and there are also referral fees and variable closing fees.

After you’ve made this decision you’re ready to create your account, all you’ll need is a credit card that can be charged internationally, Banking information (including routing and account numbers) and Tax identification information and you’re all good to go! You can sign up here.

After this stage you’ll be welcomed into the Seller Central that you’ll soon be very familiar with. From here you’ll now be able to use the platform to list your products on the Amazon Marketplace and sell items as a third party seller. Keep in mind, you’ll be responsible for listings, advertising, and everything that comes with selling on an online marketplace.

We have lots of guides on best listing keyword practice, image optimisation and more to ensure your traffic is high and conversion rate higher. Here are some links to webinars we have run with expert copywriters and top sellers who share their secrets to ranking highly.

Now looking at the buying side, I’m sure you’re all very comfortable with the Amazon homepage. There may be some slight differences from marketplace country to country but the main style remains consistent across all. The page is broken down into a search function at the top, able to filter your search for various categories allowing you to refine products within specific categories.

To the right of this search function is a language/currency changer, a way of visiting and a your basket of any items you may have added ready to be taken to checkout.  

The delivery of products can vary wildly from brand to brand and where the product is coming from. However the platform is quite transparent about timing and will generally offer an estimated date and even time with plenty of tracking capability depending on the courier. Prime delivery is a huge feature that is one of Amazon’s flagship USP’s. This subscription allows buyers to pay a monthly or annual fee in order to give them access to free one-day delivery on Prime elligble orders.

If you’re requiring assistance in any aspects of the selling side of the platform, whether it be listing your products, optimising the titles/descriptions and keywords, creating advertising campaigns, making shipping plans, or anything in else. Our team of expert eCommerce account managers are adept at running European marketplace platforms and on hand to support.

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