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The Ultimate Guide to OnBuy

The Ultimate Guide to OnBuy

Continuing from our entry on Amazon Seller Central, this time we’re looking at an up-and-coming eCommerce platform that is taking the UK by storm – OnBuy!

OnBuy is a B2C online marketplace, overcoming many of the downsides of existing online marketplaces. Third-party business sellers can list new, used or refurbished products on OnBuy; buyers can browse thousands of categories, compare and securely purchase with PayPal Buyer Protection.

With thousands of sellers and millions of products, buyers can easily access a wide variety of products and shop from multiple sellers in a single transaction with a simple, secure checkout solution. Thanks to its reasonable selling fees and immediate payment by PayPal, sellers will enjoy risk-free selling and access to millions of buyers with no competition from OnBuy.

OnBuy’s concept is simple: low fees for sellers mean savings for buyers, whatever they’re purchasing. While competitive prices have proven key to OnBuy’s growth, buyers can compare this factor and beyond – OnBuy allows buyers to compare shipping cost, shipping times, seller reviews, warranty, and whether the seller offers free returns. Unlike other online marketplaces, all the power is in the buyers’ and sellers’ hands; OnBuy never influences the sale, pushes its own products or sells its own stock.

In this sense, OnBuy is a true marketplace, working to grow strong partnerships with business sellers and maintaining healthy metrics via customer reviews, efficient shipping times and customer service ratings. With this transparent and fair approach, OnBuy is experiencing meteoric growth and is ready to launch internationally. Starting with 40 initial sites in 2020, OnBuy has an aggressive growth plan targeting 140 countries. This will not only put sellers’ products in front of a global audience, but enhance the OnBuy experience for customers in these countries. OnBuy will offer optional auto-translation and auto-currency conversion but give sellers full control in overriding these for each country, making OnBuy an efficient international sales channel for all retailers.


Signing up as an OnBuy seller is straightforward: simply register and once you’re approved, your dedicated account manager will be in touch to welcome you on board. You’ll need to connect your PayPal business account – this can be done during the sign-up process. OnBuy has an innovative Sales Guarantee for Standard Seller account holders. OnBuy commits to waiving the seller’s subscription fee for the following month if they make less than £500 in sales that month. The Sales Guarantee continues each month the seller is live on OnBuy, enabling risk-free selling. OnBuy is the first marketplace to offer this in the UK, confirming that OnBuy believes in its own ability to sell and continues to offer complete support for sellers’ businesses.

When it comes to support, OnBuy seller When it comes to support, OnBuy sellers benefit from a dedicated account manager and access to a friendly UK-based Seller Support Team. An assigned account manager will act as their point of contact and ensure they make the most out of selling on OnBuy, while the Support Team are on hand to help with any product or listing issues. Further information about selling on the marketplace can be found here.


OnBuy has thousands of product categories spanning everything from pet supplies and homeware to beauty and toys. Sellers can manage all their own listings through OnBuy’s Seller Control Panel, as well as benefitting from feed systems, channel integrations and the OnBuy API. They’re already integrated with ChannelAdvisor, Linnworks, StoreFeeder, Mintsoft (which we use here at GEE), 247Commerce and Royal Mail Click & Drop, making it easier for sellers to list and manage OnBuy’s partnership with PayPal brings robust buyer and seller protection while putting the seller in control of the transaction – OnBuy never holds the sellers’ money. OnBuy is the only B2C marketplace where sellers are paid at the point of item dispatch, instead of being made to wait for their funds.

We’re actually partnered with OnBuy and have done multiple content collaborations with them in the past that are super insightful. Alex Huntley who’s part of their seller support team ran a live webinar session that went through the process of setting up, looking at the backend of the platform and discussed some benefits they offer over some competitors.

Alternatively our CEO Andy Hooper had a 1:1 interview-style conversation with OnBuy founder and CEO, Cas Paton who took us through his story and the creation of the company.

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