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Understanding Amazon’s A9 Algorithm

Understanding Amazon’s A9 Algorithm

Whether you are an established seller or a newbie looking to get into the eCommerce business, chances are you don’t know everything you could when it comes to the Amazon A9 algorithm.

Understanding how the algorithm works means you can rank highly on Amazon searches, which is the number one thing you can do to drive traffic to your listings, to ultimately drive sales. Effectively applying techniques and strategies optimised for the algorithm can mean exponential growth for your business.

In this article, we’ll cover how Amazon’s A9 algorithm works and how to optimize your listings to achieve the best rankings.

What is the Amazon A9 Algorithm?

Amazon’s algorithm doesn’t differ too much from that of Google’s, by considering keywords in deciding which results are the most relevant to the search in question to then display to the user. However, one key difference between Amazon’s A9 algorithm and Google is it’s emphasis on conversions as well. Meaning they are more likely (because they want to promote listings that will more likely sell to make them money). As a result a strong sales history and conversion rate has a big impact on product ranking.

Finding your keywords and using them effectively.

It is essential to incorporate a high volume of relevant keywords as part of your listings. You can research keywords with high volumes of searches using keyword tools such as Helium 10 for example. Or alternatively have a member of our expert eCommerce Account Management team perform a feasibility study on your behalf where they will use their local expertise and tools to identify how to best optimise your listing search terms for discoverability and traffic.

 Once you have identified the best keywords to rank your product listing, you need to use them strategically. This comes down to how you write the title of your listing: you want to include as many keywords as possible while making sure the title still reads well rather than being just an incoherent mess of keywords.

The best way to do this is to It is also a good idea to use long-tail variations of your primary keywords with “connector” words in between each keyword. You can also use pipes and dashes to break up the keywords for better readability. Finally, an optimised product title should mention the main benefits of the product, using keywords to do this.

Increasing Sales Conversion.

Achieving a strong sales conversion rate is a vital part of any strategy to rank highly in terms of Amazon’s algorithm, as well as essential to the overall success of your business strategy. As already discussed, sales conversion rates are one of the key factors Amazon looks for in determining high ranking products, as these are the listings which are most likely to make them money. Thus increasing your sales conversions will drive more traffic to your listings through higher rankings, as well as obviously being good for your business!

There are a few ways you can optimise your listing in order to convert visitors into actual sales. Firstly you want to

Now that you have optimised your product listing the work doesn’t stop there. It is important to monitor your listing’s performance regularly, to see how it is ranking and make any adjustments or improvements necessary. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as set it up and let it go, Amazon and eCommerce as a whole require constant reviewing to make sure you’re using the best performing keywords as they can change at the drop of a hat.

We understand it can be difficult to juggle managing the accounts of multiple marketplaces, potentially across various platforms and especially when you are not a native. Therefore we can offer our assistance in managing, and optimising your European eCommerce accounts to ensure you have the freedom to focus on your home nation.

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