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What is Fruugo? Should I be selling on it?

What is Fruugo? Should I be selling on it?

Fruugo is a global marketplace with dedicated websites for 46 countries including the UK, most of Europe, parts of Asia and also Australia and New Zealand. It offers services in 17 languages and 22 currencies and the focus is on seller ease. At the most basic level, if you have a compatible product feed, then you can easily make your goods available.

They take care of listing translations, payment processing and most customer support. You may sometimes have to deal with a customer query, they say. The company says of its own offering: ”Fruugo simplifies buying products from around the world. Our mission is to provide great choice and the freedom to shop safely wherever you are, from wherever you want, through one global marketplace.”


You will need to be accredited and here are some of the requirements. Once you’ve passed a preliminary screening you’ll be asked to provide more detailed information. You must be willing to ship internationally. But don’t worry because you can make your choices about the countries and regions you’re willing to send your goods to.

You’ll need solid product data including GTINs and MPNs so that your goods can be effectively catalogued. You can list new goods across most normal verticals and they do like sellers to have a good range of SKUs.


As a seller, you fulfill all your orders and tracking isn’t compulsory. When you list on Fruugo, all you do is provide a product feed in some form. That could be Google Shopping, via the API, in a CSV format or using a third party multichannel service. Providers such as PlentyMarkets and Linnworks already have integrations. You’ll need to list your products excluding VAT or sales tax because they calculate that. Seller fees run at around 15% plus 2.35% for payment processing.

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