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What is Helium 10, and why does every Amazon FBA seller use it?

What is Helium 10, and why does every Amazon FBA seller use it?

As more and more people are taking advantage of the growing trend of selling online and more specifically, on Amazon, so too more and more software tools are being released to help eCommerce sellers achieve profitability and success in the competitive marketplace. But which is the best tool for you?

There are a lot of choices out there but today we’re going to cover Helium10 as it’s the leading and most popular seller tool in the space, dubbing itself the all-in-one Amazon Software.

If you’re not yet using one, it’s by no means required to sell online and even do it well, but if you want to take yourself to the next level it can certainly help. That being said, it isn’t for everyone. Between the pricing and regular work you need to review and monitor the constant changes on eCommerce, sometimes it’s best to outsource this to an eCommerce expert who uses these tools themselves to do the heavy lifting for you.

What does it include?
Helium 10 is an impressive suite of software tools designed to help Amazon sellers crush their sales goals by offering you the ability to find trending products, cutting down your market research time so there is no wasted time or money.

It can help build optimized listings, spy on the competition, reverse engineer what they’re doing and improve on it, and build targeted landing pages for your products. Then it protects your inventory, manages your sales, analyzes your business.

Here is a brief breakdown of some of the current tools they have to offer to help with the above.

  • Magnet – Keyword research aggregator
  • Blackbox – Product research tool for finding product ideas
  • Trendster – Product research tool for analyzing product trends
  • Cerebro – Reverse ASIN lookup tool for seeing your competitors’ keyword strategies
  • Adtomic – Amazon PPC Management platform
  • Frankenstein – Amazon keyword processor, list builder, and management tool
  • Scribbles – Optimizes product listings
  • Index Checker – Checks whether or not specific keywords have been indexed by Amazon
  • Listing Analyzer – Rank your listing or a competitors in one click. 
  • Keyword Tracker – Tracks keyword rankings
  • Misspellinator – Provides common misspellings for keywords
  • Listing Analyzer – Rate you listing with just one click. 
  • Audience – Removes the guess work from market research. 
  • Alerts – Protects against listing hijacks and fraud
  • XRay – Product research tool for analyzing the competitiveness and potential sales volume of your niche
  • Inventory Protector – Helps manage inventory and provide alerts when running low
  • Profits – Customizable dashboard to keep track of sales, revenue, and profits
  • Profitability Calculator – Helps you measure costs and make pricing decisions to maximize profits
  • Inventory Management – Manage you Inventory levels to stay in stock. 
  • Refund Genie – Tracks lost or damaged products and streamlines the refund process
  • Follow-Up – Helps manage feedback and automated follow-up emails
  • ASIN Grabber – Helps you copy/paste ASINs for less work and quicker results
  • Review Downloader – Filters through endless reviews to provide instant, in-depth customer insights
  • Mobile App – Amazon has a nice seller app, now the Helium 10 suite has one too. On the go is no longer a problem.
  • Portals – A custom landing page for your products, take control of your customers with one of the latest marketing tools for Amazon.
  • Market Tracker – A birds-eye view of how your Amazon FBA business is doing overall.
  • Freedom Ticket – Comprehensive amazon FBA training course. 

Helium 10 offers a free subscription plan you can begin with, but unsurprisingly, it’s pretty limited.

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