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Why the EU?

Why the EU? You might be thinking to yourself that you’re doing just fine as you are over in the States, so why do you even need to expand? But there are some huge differences between the EU and US markets that we would love to share with you.

We talked to Dustin Winegardner a couple of weeks ago on our podcast – E-Commerce Expander Secrets, and he told us exactly why the EU was perfect for him and his business Arvingoods. With his business being all about providing the cleanest apparel basics on the market through using recycled materials, expanding to the EU was not only the right decision, but even better suited for his products.

“The goal was to expand for sure into other markets, because to be honest with you, the sustainable apparel initiative or culture is much stronger in Europe than it is in America. So, we knew that what we had would be something that’s interesting in the European Market.” says Dustin “The consumer in Europe is more informed, there’s more information about sustainability and low impact materials and what we’re doing to the environment. If you look at places like Scandinavia, they’re making political focus around recycling and Europe as a whole is more informed than the US market and that naturally created an interest in the market that I wanted to capitalise on.

Dustin managed to find a gap in the EU market that Arvingoods could fill that wasn’t as easily done in the US. This meant expansion was an absolute must, and Dustin is just one example of how expanding into the EU made all the difference in exponentially growing one of our client’s businesses to its full potential.

Now you’re probably thinking that’s all well and great if you have a niche product or service that might be received well or better in Europe compared to how it is currently doing in just the US. But maybe you don’t. That doesn’t mean you should rule out the EU as being for you!

The population of E-Shoppers in North America is 196mn compared to the 296mn in the EU. If you’re already doing well in the US, expanding your business over to Europe could be an opportunity to bring your business to a whopping extra 296 million buyers, and that’s on top of the 196 million already available to you in North America, an extra 151%! You’d be silly not to expand and increase your business reach which could potentially help you over double your sales with the added customers.

Hopefully, this gave some of you at least an incentive to research how your business might perform over in the European markets and we hope to help you succeed if you choose to expand. At GEE we are committed to helping e-commerce businesses expand into the UK and EU. If you have any questions about VAT, Warehousing, Translation, or how we can help you with any of our other services, please get in touch with us on, our New York office on ++1 (646) 500-8643 or our head office in London on +44 (0) 2039 151 930.

Have any questions? Try our ‘We are here!’ live chat widget located in the bottom left-hand corner of this screen or leave us a comment down below!

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